Evangelical Literature Service (A ministry of CLC International) is a literature mission, a non-profit Inter-Denominational Christian organization dedicated to bringing Evangelical Literature to the people of the world in variety and volume, publishing in many languages, establishing book centers and operating book mobiles. These are among various methods used to forward the program. All available funds are used immediately to spread the Gospel in print to the ends of the earth.

ELS is primarily involved in starting and operating Christian bookstores, wholesale distribution, publishing enterprises and mobile book ministry in cities and towns where there is critical need.

ELS as a literature mission is dedicated to spreading the gospel through the vital tool of the printed word. ELS partners with the Churches and other Christian missions in order to meet the literature needs of new and maturing Christians. This incredible task is accomplished by a dedicated team of committed staff.

Built upon the four pillars of faith, holiness, sacrifice and fellowship, backed by prayer this literature work has been going on for the last sixty years and so on.

ELS has twenty two stores situated in ten states of India and with online store christianbooksindia.com. The headquarter is in Chennai  The publication program of ELS is very strong, publishing in English and in four regional languages.

ELS is affiliated with CLC International,Sheffield-UK, a worldwide literature mission comprised of over 600 individuals working in approximately 57 countries of the world. In each country the work is indigenous and self supporting.

ELS Mission Statement

The purpose of ELS is to honor God by making Christian Literature and resources available to all nations to help people come to faith and maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ.

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