Fundamental in belief and sacrificial in practice

ELS affirms absolute belief in the full inspiration of the Old and New Testament Scriptures. It’s full-time workers live a life of faith and sacrifice in order to fulfill the Great Commission.

ELS workers represent several denominations of the protestant Church and various languages. They are at your service.

ELS service reaches beyond the barriers of denominations, distance and language.

ELS stock-line consists of fundamental Christian literature. Thus it is safe, sound and true to the Word of God. It will build you up.

ELS publishing house, trade & mail order department and administrative office are housed at the headquarters in Chennai.(Vepery)

There are thousands of individuals and more than 140 book-shops on the regular mailing list. At least twice a year we publish and send out book news. You may contact us for a free catalogue.

ELS publishes books in English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi, Hindi.

ELS imports books in volumes and varieties.

ELS is a distribution agent in India for several evangelical publishers overseas.

ELS is affiliated with CLC International, Sheffield, UK – a worldwide fellowship of the like purpose. ELS is self-supporting, indigenous and interdenominational.

ELS is a literature mission registered in India in 1954 under Societies Registration Act.

ELS is a member of Christian Book Sellers Association, USA.

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