Geared to People:

ELS makes available Bibles, Commentaries, Expositions and other Christian books to people of all walks of life.

ELS helps people to choose the right books for themselves.

ELS makes available  CDs/VCDs/DVDs greeting cards with scripture for all occasions, scripture writing materials, wall plaques, calendars etc.

ELS helps build reading habit in people.

ELS trains people to use literature.

Marching with the Church:

ELS seeks to equip the church with tools for evangelism.

ELS provides the Sunday Schools with teaching materials.

ELS equips the pastors, teachers and the Bible students with study materials.

ELS puts up book tables at churches, evangelistic meetings, institutions and wherever called.

ELS seeks to co-operate with all Bible-believing and Christ honoring churches, organizations, Bible colleges, groups and individuals.

Every year ELS produces several thousands of quality Christian Literature through which millions of people get good spiritual input around the world. To accomplish this task several lacs of rupees is spent every year. As ELS is a non profit organization the financial need is huge to make the literature available to the needy. So if you are interested in upholding and sponsering the literature ministry of ELS please give liberally sending your support favoring “Evangelical Literature Service” and receive your blessings from above.

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