Letter from the Director of ELS

Dear Brother / Sister,

Greetings in Jesus’ name.

As you are already aware, the Evangelical Literature Service (ELS), Registered under Societies Act in the year 1954, having  22 distribution centres at present in different States of India to proclaim the Gospel through the printed page and also caters to the spiritual needs of the Church/Christian community in our country. This has been the God-given vision and commission to our Founder, the late Mr. Donald David, to distribute God’s Word and Christian Literature, and we the ELS family are thankful to our Lord God Almighty for His faithfulness and enabling grace to carry out this great commission for more than six decades now. God has enabled our mission to expand throughout the length and breadth of our country with around 80 committed servants of God serving sacrificially in the mission, so that God’s Word and the Gospel in printed page could reach thousands of hungry souls in our country. We are grateful to every customer/patron/well-wisher of ELS for their support all these many decades, as our mission is a faith ministry.

Since the ELS started, and till today God in His sovereign grace has enabled us to continue thus far without seeking help from others. At this present situation, due to the impact of Corona virus we suspended our ministry and further to that we face hardships to meet our regular expenditures particularly rent as most of our centers are in rented buildings and the living allowances to our staff.

Hence, this letter comes as a humble request from the ELS family to our dear Pastors/the Church/customers/well-wishers, who have been benefiting from the ELS bookshops throughout India for more than 60 years now, that they would kindly come forward and financially support the ELS ministry. We will be ever grateful for your generous contributions, which will help us to further God’s purpose in the distribution of His Word and Christian literature.

We will appreciate your contributions by way of cash/DD/Cheque/ Digital Payments through UPI (1000191211000172.9566858719@idbi/Net Banking (SBI A/c No.10030630205, IFSC: SBIN0007107, Branch: Vepery). Cheques or DDs to be made in favour of ‘Evangelical Literature Service’, which could be handed over in person or sent to the Director at the above address. Our official receipt would be sent to you.

We once again thank you for your concern, prayers and support for the ELS ministry all these many years, but more particularly in this present time of need. May God richly bless you in return.

With our thanks and prayers.

Sincerely yours,

C. Justin



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